Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Soul Sessions

I don't mean to sound like an email forward or an sms (probably not an sms because I'm pretty long-winded out here in Estarra) on harbouring goodwill for your neighbour, loving life and celebrating every moment and allllllllll those things that come in succulent points as reminders to what you should realise about this short existence. {Even if you do recognise the said things but are not in the mood to care anyway! Especially since those words of wisdom are so hard to follow up on when your neighbour is conniving little twerp or you just crashed your car into someone else's and you have an exam in ten minutes ;), personal note here}
Well, I slightly strayed from the point. What I intended to say is, that I don't mean to sound preachy but everything in life is meant for a reason, a lesson. And I learnt quite a few lessons over the past few days....

Acting as an amateur journalist for the past three days on account of a conference that was conducted in my college, I got to meet a lot of educators and listen to a lot of discussions on the current education system. Informative insights were delivered. From the numerous notes I scribbled, I definitely benefited intellectually and came away with new perspectives on education and learning (not to mention a simultaneous quasi-workshop on journalism-what with the reporting, interviewing and camera work we had to do!) But besides that, I learnt some things which struck a chord in my soul and as 'internet preachy forward' as they sound, just give them an unbiased read... :)

*Each one of us has something to say-old or new, borrowed or original, crystal clear or abstract. But each of us has something to say...and the irrepressible need to say it.

*You are all that belongs to you. So it's natural for you to have a rather keen interest in yourself. But there's so much to learn from the other six billion people that constitute this planet! Seriously!

*Idealistic or otherwise, anybody's vision or dream for a perfect society is meant to be respected and not ridiculed.

*Solutions CAN be found.

*Everybody feels like a star when their opinion is sought. It gives the most often forgotten joy-the joy of feeling important, of feeling needed.

*Talk to everyone! Smile at everyone!

*Work is worship.

*No matter how much you say that your own personal satisfaction is what counts, there is nothing like the appreciation from an external source, especially coming from someone whom you respect and look up to the most. There is nothing to replace that feeling.

*Team work is perhaps much harder than individual effort but immensely rewarding. There is nothing like celebrating as a group, as a makeshift family, tired but tired together.

*Everything turns out alright in the end. :) It really does.

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Anonymous said...

when you are willing to learn from the events in your life that have made you what you are today, everything changes. you become wise and see the world as a whole and how all the events in your life are connected.