Friday, March 28, 2008

Anyone out there?

Anyone awake??
Someone wanna talk????
Not that I'm free right now. I have a lot of work to do. A major submission coming up for which I have to act FAST. I also have to wake up tomorrow early for the annual day at the corporation school where me and my classmates have duty. I am also very sleepy.
But I wanna talk...........
My music is my greatest companion and I am free spirit to empowered aura from one song to the next.
But I wanna someone....!!!
I have soooo much to doooo....
But I don't feel like being alone...
I want to sleeeeep....
But I wanna talk first....
Let's talk about Sufism
Let's talk about the magical coincidence of reciprocated love (how does it happen that often?! )
Let's talk about the wondrous beauty of sleep
Let's dream of desert sands swirling to the beat of drums
Let's drift away on a wave towards infinity....

OK I think I need to sleep!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To my bestest :)

"I'm never gonna speak to him again!"

"That's it. I don't see any point in this friendship anymore..."

"I HATE HER!!!!!"

You're not human if you haven't uttered or haven't had atleast one of these sentences been uttered to you.
Well, I'm human. And I'm young enough to eat my words. Several times. And let's not talk about the indigestion.

But who remembers a few morsels of humble pie while swallowing a tablespoonful of one's pride when it means salvaging a friendship?

When your eyes search across the room to exchange a look after a teacher has said something incredibly disparaging but howlariously side-splitting at the same time.

When you walk alone to the canteen and have no one to grab your cup o'noodles and dig in like nobody's business.

When no matter how much you love all your other friends, there's no one quite like that one person to share your idiosyncracies, your crushes, your obscure jokes and your veg roll.

When you want to just smile at someone for no reason and get that old goofy smile back in return that makes you feel all sunny again.

When you want someone who can obsess with you about something utterly trivial to the rest of the world but earth-shatteringly significant to you.

When you're wake up at 2 in the morning and you desperately need someone to share your recently-formulated philosophies over text messages.

When you're starving and cranky as hell and need someone to just pop a biscuit in your mouth ..even if you steal his/her food all the time and to soothe you with promises of dinner at an A/C restaurant nearby even if you're flat broke.

When you can't think of anyone who hangs out with your family so much that you can't imagine him/her not belonging right here.

When you need someone to tell you that yes, you will find love, SOON and even if you don't, let's go drown our sorrows in chocolate cake.

When you are extremely lazy and need someone to pick clothes for you, someone who knows which are your 'fat-weather' clothes!!!

When you need someone to accept graciously all your inane terms of endearment right from 'tiramisu' to 'bonda raj'.

When you are perpetually single but need to dedicate romantic songs to someone.

When you know, you know that NO ONE else could have possibly been there for you, like he/she was-not at that moment, not at that place and not for that long.

When you can't find anyone who will get along so well with all of your people right from parents to school friends to college friends to house help.

When there is NOT a soul who will remember all the most ridiculous of phrases that made you crack up, whether a year or a week ago, and will repeat them at the most appropriate AND inappropriate moments!

When you need someone to be there with through all your most insecure stage moments, the most awkward encounters and the most boring chores , without you even asking him/her to.

When the code names and code words protect you from the rest of the world even though they remind you of 6th standard all over again.

When you want to vent all your anger about someone to someone who won't spill and more importantly, doesn't think you're an evil/negative/cynical aura-drainer.

When you sigh about wanting to fall in love and experience that magical abyss and need someone to not say "Oh shut up! It's not as great as it looks like! Look at Brad and Jennifer! Kareena-Shahid!".

When you can't remember anyone who remembers all the things that you said in your most affectionate moments when all you can remember is all the mean things that you never meant.

When you can't imagine anyone being your boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister/best friend/foe/pet/plaything/Agony aunt/psychiatrist/spiritual comrade/911 helpline/drug/accomplice at the same time.

Anyone, that is, except that person.

It's not Valentine's Day..or Friendship Day..But here's to you, the best friend. Here's to you.

Forever. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To all you writers out there

I apologise for the delay (No, no it's not "too late to apologise!")..have had a lot to think about but not enough to write down I suppose.
I wonder about my writing. Do I write when the cup is full and on the verge of overflowing? But there have been cases when either I have been a depressing phase and have not wanted to record it. There have also been times of extreme hectic happiness and 'busy-ness' that I have not had time to write it all down, so it has merely been retained in the journal of my memory.
All you bloggers out there, tell me!! What causes you to write? What is that one spark, that one push that drives you to spill? What is that one thing that causes you to make a permanent record of a private thought?