Thursday, March 20, 2008

To all you writers out there

I apologise for the delay (No, no it's not "too late to apologise!")..have had a lot to think about but not enough to write down I suppose.
I wonder about my writing. Do I write when the cup is full and on the verge of overflowing? But there have been cases when either I have been a depressing phase and have not wanted to record it. There have also been times of extreme hectic happiness and 'busy-ness' that I have not had time to write it all down, so it has merely been retained in the journal of my memory.
All you bloggers out there, tell me!! What causes you to write? What is that one spark, that one push that drives you to spill? What is that one thing that causes you to make a permanent record of a private thought?


~ V ~ said...

when im sad mostly, when im happy otherwise :) and when i want to talk to someone :D hehehhe

ess said...

Don't really know if I can give you any advice on writing. I do most of my writing when I have a sudden burst of inspiration and I have to put thoughts down in writing. These bursts can be far apart. And sometimes they can be about the same topic. Sometimes I may not have a pen with me to put the thoughts down.

Why don't you tell us what made you write all that you've written so far?

Kingdom of Estarra said...

I guess, out here on this blog, it's more like a compulsion but when I start writing it turns out into a conversation between me and my audience of you two. Usually. I just wanna write something that's relevant to me and relate-able to you. Cathartic too.

P3ndulumP said...

U may not have an audience of only two people u know! There may be others that read what you write, but stop at that! You are really good *scratches previous word* excellent with words! (something you probably already know) keep going :)