Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lose yourself

You get used to things. You make new memories. Things don't go back to what they were; they go forwards into something new. And it's interesting because the future is a surprise. And that's the best part about it.

I can't believe the number of movies I've watched this summer...

Doubt (brilliant)

Confessions of a shopaholic (surprisingly, I enjoyed it)

The Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 (better than the first movie but NOWHERE close to the books! NOWHERE!)

7 Pounds (disappointing)

The other Boleyn girl (evil gets what it deserves)

Before sunrise (magical)

Before sunset (magic killed)

Half of 'A good year'

Half of 'Made of honour'

Twilight (the first movie I liked better than the book it was based on)

Adaptation (eerie for some reason)

And more to see:

The notebook (heavily recommended)

He's just not that into you (hey, I don't pretend to be intellectual)

Rachel getting married


The Duchess

And books, oh it's been a long list as well. This. is. the. life. Seriously, all I've been doing is entertaining myself of late.

The thing about reading is the fact that no one else can see what you're reading. I mean, yes, you are curled up on a sofa or hunched up under the covers with a bound tome with a catchy illustration on its cover but what can another person see? A book is like an invisible portal that sucks you in and you're in a different universe visible only to you.

It's not like knitting or painting or playing video games. The images, people, places are all within the space of your mind. And outside, you appear still and silent, lost to this world but ever so absorbed in another.

It's kind of like watching movies. Or sleeping. Or travelling. It's all about getting lost, losing track of your conscious self.

Is there a job description that fits that?

Ha ha. Will get back.


Anonymous said...

okies, i see u are doing a quite a bit of movie watchin!! :)

Vimal said...

you forgot to mention the english patient!!!

Odette said...

so...that's what keep you from blogging!! hahaha
i have seen most of the movies you've mentioned and i would pretty much rate them the same way.
did you watch "the illusionist"? with the upcoming sequel from dan brown novel, i had to watch again "the da'vinci code" seems like "angels and demons" is more exciting than the first - at least most scenes aren't dark.
enjoy your long hiatus!!

Prez of Es said...

@ Odette: Saw 'The Illusionist' last night. And before that- 'Rachel getting married', 'Made of honour' and 'The Notebook'.
@ V: Yes, and it's not gonna stop! :)
@ Vimal: Someone gave me a badly malfunctioning dvd of it.....