Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am reading a book that is so me, albeit with technological inputs that I, who seek the organic, actually find enthralling. The book is 'iPod, Therefore I Am' by Dylan Jones. It charts the history of the iPod as well the author's 'personal journey through music'.
I can't seem to find the exact sentences he has beautifully composed, but it's something along the lines of if a song can be a little house you live in, the iPod allows you to build pleasure palaces to lose yourself in. He also talks about how he additionally loved soul and jazz in an era when punk was the norm. And with the invention of the iPod, he unabashedly listens to The Clash followed by Miles Davis and to The Beatles after Kanye West's 'Graduation' album.
That is so me! A friend of mine pronounced that I was not liking The Doors (or was it Led Zepellin?) the way it should be liked if I also like (cough) the unashamed adolescence of Enrique Iglesias. I am sorry but I cannot give up Enrique! He takes me back to this special desk in my 9th standard classroom where I sketched storyboards for my own movie scripts while the Physics teacher droned about how we would not be able to breathe during tenth. (So not true for all you ninth standard students out there)
Sorry for the digression.
Anyway, the point is, in this era of globalisation (I can't believe I actually used this word in Estarra. Globalisation is the current by word for anything. Blame everything on globalisation.), and networking, we can afford to intermingle. No one needs be punk or goth or gangsta rap anymore. Take a little of everything and create something all new and different. Fashion allows it. (Chanel with Sabyasachi, Dior with Ritu Kumar) So should anything creative!
My Mattafix swings, Moby glides, Kailash Kher stirs soul, MJ whispers (or screams), Hindi movie music clangs and jangles and of course, U2 continues to be my mind-altering drug.
And I'm afraid, no Backstreet Boys. But there's Enrique. No Slipknot. But quite some Rammstein. Peaceful coexistence. Imperfect definition. Who needs definition anyway?
I rest my iPod.


Zek J Evets said...

who needs definition? i imagine we all do, if only for our muscles.

but seriously! people have been mixing and matching for a long time. no one is all punk or all goth or all hip-hop. most folks borrow or steal from everywhere and make it their own, and they've been doing that as long as there's been culture to steal from ;)

this is not a new phenomenon.

Prez of Es said...

I'm talking as a response to the book and in retaliation to the friends who say it's rock or nought. The author narrates his experience in London in the 70's where you had to choose between punk and soul and how he was like the iPod back then, shuffling between all the music he liked.
I still find a lot of people judging on the basis of playlists and denying their inner pop or hip-hop because it might not go with their persona and not because it goes with their soul.

Odette said...

i would compile all my favorite music in there and its basically a mixture of everything!!
music is not fashion, its a memory recorder. and i always love being brought back in time when i listen to them.