Friday, June 11, 2010

Rain does its 180

The city that was edgy (sorry, understatement), bursting at the seams and ready to bite is now tamed after a nice bath. The survival instinct that rises to the surface when we are confronted with the sun's blade is now pacified, receding to the corner where it deserves to be. You now feel like living and not barely surviving. Being and not having to be. I'm ready to look at strangers' faces, glareless. I'm able tolerate the not-so-favoured tracks on my iPod when on shuffle. I'm capable of smiling a lot more.
Life is better when it's wetter, atleast in this corner of the globe. Peace descends as there's a lot less to complain about it. And whatever there is to complain about, erm, well, I don't quite remember it.
And this is one of the reasons my birth month ROCKS.


neha said...

hey, visited ur blog through a friend's blog.Liked the way you write and yes rain is a part of my birth month too. Wish you a very happy birthday(whenver it is ;))

Prez of Es said...

Hi Neha! Thank you so much for the compliment. And a very very happy birthday to you too! Enjoy the rain. :)