Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Okay for Valentine's Day

So, Valentine's Day is a marketing tool conceptualised in the 15th/16th/17th century and turned very conveniently into a sales platform for chocolatiers/florists/gift shops.
So, it's an artificial celebration; an unnecessary obligation.
So, love is supposed to be something natural and not enforced by the media and assorted society and it should be celebrated and venerated and exclamated every single day.

But you need to have one day in a whole year when you are eligible to expect magic. You need that free pass to dream, to go along with silliness and let your heart rule your head, as timidly as it can.You should be allowed to flutter at the prospect of some red, some pink, ribbons, sparkle, surprise, the illogical and the superfluous.  After all those 364 odd days sitting in the cellar, number-crunching and filing records that are sealed shut, your heart deserves to go forth into the sunshine and do a stupid little dance.

So, whether something or not happens to you this Valentine's Day, just go with it. Singles, enjoy the vicarious pleasure of urging couples on dates. Couples, just please go and make some singles happy by treasuring what you have. Whether you live it or not, pretend or create, make them believe in magic.


Odette said...

finally, a new post from you! i have been missing you girl...
so, how did V-day went for you? got a card? a flower? whatever it was, i know the day was special enough to merit a post. (grinning!)
write more often ok?

maryann kerrygan said...

wow. a beautiful way to look at valentine

ABB said...

Some of us are yearning for the Return of the King (or Queen)