Sunday, April 27, 2008

Soundtrack to My Life

Your Life: The Soundtrack

Okay, been tagged by Ess. Surprisingly, this has been a dream come true-REALLY! I've always wanted to be the person who decides the soundtrack for a film (even if the only time it's happened was a group interview project where we made good use of Justin Adams' 'Desert Road' and Thievery Corporation's 'Khalghi Stomp' for the end credits! ) I wonder if there's a career in that...hmmm..I mean I have the qualifications. Come see my iTunes.

Opening credits:

'Nah'seb'-Rachid Taha

'She Moves in Mysterious Ways'- U2

Waking up:

'Gotas de Agua Dulce'-Juanes

'She Moves in Mysterious Ways'- U2 (the opening credits would show me waking up! ;) )

Typical Day:

'Purple Haze'-Groove Armada

'I Hear the Bells'-Mike Doughty

'Don't Worry, Be Happy'

'Ramble On'-Led Zeppellin

First date:

'Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop'-Landon Pigg

'How Do You Like It'- Darius

Falling in love:

'Think I'm in Love'-Beck

'Saavan'-Mitil and Mukul

'Jab Se Tere Naina'-'Saawariya'

Love Scene:

'Sombra de Ti'-Shakira,

'La Valse'-Faudel,

'In Lamhon ke Daaman Mein'-'Jodhaa-Akbar',

Breaking up:

'Undiscovered'-Ashlee Simpson,

'La Camisa Negra'-Juanes

'Simple Like the Truth'- Darius

'The Scientist'- Coldplay

Getting back together:

'Escape'-Enrique Iglesias

Fight scene:

'Rani'-Rachid Taha,

'Lli Fat Mat'-Rachid Taha,

'Vato'-Snoop Dogg,

Secret love:

'En retard'-Rachid Taha

'Rani Ma'ak El Youm'-Cheb Mami

Mental breakdown:

'Hurt'-Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash,

'Silence is Easy'-Starsailor

'Trab'-Cheb Mami


'Scarecrow'-Beck (reminds of driving down a long winding road to nowhere through fields)

'Pretty Vegas'-INXS

'Roadhouse Blues'-The Doors (not intentionally! It's because this is the only happy song on Sam's phone on the way back from college!)


Learning a lesson:



'Las de La Intuicion'-Shakira,

'Bittersweet Symphony'-The Verve

Deep thought:

'Safi'-Rachid Taha,

'Karma Coma'-Massive Attack,

'Yahamami'-Cheb Mami

'Dima'-Rachid Taha


'Gill Te Guitar'-Rabbi

'I Want to Break Free'-Queen


'Summer Moon'-Bob Sinclair,

'Voila, Voila'-Rachid Taha

'Rohi' and 'Samra' -Faudel (they feel like a nightclub sequence out of a Bollywood film for some reason!)

Happy Dance:


'Ida'-Rachid Taha

'Chinnamma Chilkamma'-'Meenaxi'

'Vuroram Puliamaram'-'Parithi Veeran'



'Yamess'-Rachid Taha

'Quizas'-Enrique Iglesias

'Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own'-U2

Long night alone:

'Marseillais du Nord'-Cheb Mami

'Paris Le-Caire'-Faudel

Closing credits:

'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'-U2

'Hey Anta'-Rachid Taha


~ V ~ said...

which stage are you in rite now? :)

good collection, need to download some of them which i don't have

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Probably the typical day stage

Mithali said...

vato you won't believe what i saw! :D