Thursday, May 1, 2008

Summer Digressions

I'm in an extremely weird frame of mind. This is the first summer which is not stretching beyond me like an unknown abyss-equal parts hope, equally parts resignation to mind-numbing ennui. This summer I pretty much know where I'm gonna be (no, not on holiday-I haven't been out of station in more than 2 years! :( ) I'm going to to be an intern!!!!!!!
It ain't no big deal, I know, I know but it's a big deal for someone who's never been on a regular job with regular timings. It's only three weeks and it's been my dream to work at the place that accepted me. And it involves writing (which is something that I should be and am immensely grateful for) But I'm the kind who gets apprehensive even about getting xeroxes. So...
My mother tells me that she's happy I'm off her back and she won't have to worry about entertaining me which is all very true. But I was just getting settled to a happy routine of popcorn and coffee at odd hours, bousts of dancing jigs, lots of TV and a stack of Truman Capote books. I discovered a dusty hardbound copy of 'Other Voices, Other Rooms' wedged between 'India: A Travel Guide'(which distracted me by reducing me to a spate of whining) and some meditation book. My parents have no clue which one of them brought it (same case with most of the other books accumulated) there.
Well, anyway, I've been hooked. After finishing 'Other Voices, Other Rooms', I got some books from the library. Read 'Summer Crossing'-his first novel which was lost to the world and was published only a couple of years ago. Now reading a short story collection titled 'Music for Chameleons' which I'm more satisfied with than the rest.
Speaking of my intellectually enhancing routine, I have been catching quite a few movies. Saw 'Tashan' (er, did I say intellectually enhancing?) Heyy it wasn't all that bad-was funny in PARTS. The actors were brilliant and the music, like I said, is quite catchy (I hadn't heard 'Dil Dance Maare' when I did the 'Tashan' music review. That's a cute song-even though it's SO bent upon making you laugh and loses its charm because of that-it is cute.) And of course, Kareena looks amaaazzziiing. But honestly, skip the movie. It strives to be outlandish and then once you've got that fact straight, it tries to inject heart into it. Don't even get me started on the aiyyo-invoking action sequences. And of course, my Mum hates it when they glorify killing the good guys . Stay at home and catch reruns of 'Birdcage'. That's the cutest movie I've seen in such a long time. I soooo miss the comedies of the 90s. ('Drowning Mona', 'Throw Momma Off the Train', and those kinds. Of course there was 'There's Something About Mary' and the like. Hmmm.I guess you can't blame this decade for its spoofs and tasteless humour. Each decade had its own. )
Oh yeah, I digressed. Yes, so...I shall try to keep you posted on my attempts at intern-like behaviour. Knowing myself, I shall probably ask too many questions and wear myself out. I hope they let me keep my iPod on at all times. I hope I don't embarrass myself by playing the foot in the mouth game. And if I do, so what? It would probably make a good blog post.

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