Monday, June 2, 2008


That was some final.
I'm not the cricket type, to be honest, atleast I didn't used to be. But my best friend got passes to all the Chennai matches and I tagged along for two of them. And got hooked. Need I mention that a certain Mr.Dhoni was partly the cause?
Well, anyway, I had just gotten back from a jolly weekend in Pondicherry with 6 other reunited members of our school gang. (We've all known each other since we were 4. It's nice to get together and hang out normally after that awkward boys-hating-girls phase subsides) I totally crashed out with a severe headache and woke up just in time to see Dhoni begin batting. I followed the match intensely after that and I'm sure everyone will agree when I say it was a nail-biting one. Especially the last few moments-unbelievable. I don't know much of cricket history but I'm sure the last ball-last run thing was quite a shocker.
Anyway, we lost but we gave a hard fight! The win was just pure luck, Super guys still rule!! And here's a hug for Dhoni-the dignified one!
Okay, putting my crush aside, I haven't spoken about my much-awaited 'holiday'-the first after 3 whole years!! And I'm the kind who craves to explore new territory as much as possible.
Well, we didn't explore much but I did get to see the French architecture I was yearning to feast my eyes on. So pretty, so quaint. Each 'rue' lined with those pastel buildings. And the promenade with its neat pavements and the benches. All I recall are these mental snapshots I'm trying to preserve. The best part was our hurried auto ride back to the guesthouse when it began drizzling. It was a delicious experience, hurtling through the cobbled streets and through this seemingly foreign town.
I still didn't take in enough. Maybe I'll go back sometime and absorb all that I need to. This traveller isn't satisfied.

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