Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bye, July

You know what?
July is over!
My birthday is almost two months behind, my final undergraduate year is well under way, my nice popstars calendar (courtesy The Record magazine) is more than half over and well, the days are getting shorter.
Anyway, I find myself getting even more control-freakish than usual (what with the swarm of assignments biting around my neck). I'm trying to breathe easy and not sweat the small stuff, but hey, I can't help it! Printing that assignment and putting it in a stick file gives a high much greater than any drug ( I presume) . So call me a nerd, J. Not only do I enjoy being one but I'm proud to say I love college (at this moment, touch wood) and I well, kinda, enjoy the subjects.
As nerdy as I can be, I tend to get extremely lazy in some aspects. I don't know if you can call it indifference. I guess you could call me a passive activist. Heheh. I'd like to pretend that sounds cool.
Being lazy, however, does not give me the right to criticise the young and the enterprising. Here's a group of young people who's seriously giving our future a thought. And the fact that it highly depends on the present. They recognise the need for democracy and also its absence in our country today.The recent turn of events in the parliament was what triggered their spark and mobilised them. So check them out.
As for me, I shall get back to my 'BIG TIME ORGANISER', (a thoughtful gift from K). More things to cross off. Except the thing not on the list. Sleep. Sigh.
Sayonara, July

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