Monday, July 7, 2008

Why girl best friends are so important

(This one's dedicated to all those girlfriends who are true, trustworthy and ever so dependable.)

1. They tell you when you need to lose weight without being jealous and threaten to slap you if you eat that extra bujji.

2. They're ever so dispensable with affection unlike boy best friends who are sooo reticent and flee at the sign of any senti-ness.

3. You can jump from talking about gossip to movies to the economy to advertising to make up to relationships to academics without missing a beat.

4. It's always handy to have a second mom or two to fix your hair and to take care of you in suchlike emergencies.

5. Guy friends can threaten to beat up people who hurt you; girl friends go the extra mile to get revenge-with caustic words.

6. You can get hugs . Poor boys can't hug each other without being called gay. That's dumb, actually.

7. They never run away without explanation. They either don't run away or they explain.

8. You can play with their hair, substitute Barbies that they are.

9. They get so angry for you at the appropriate times and do all the verbal abuse for you

10.They're the closest thing to sisters, especially if you don't have any!

I love you all!


~ V ~ said...

are only girls supposed to comment here? ;)

Scribblers Inc said...

good good...I love them all too!!:)

Scribblers Inc.

MNEMONIX said...

no offense... but here's my opinion on Guy best friends...

1. They threaten to beat up who hurt you, and they make sure you're NOT hurt again.

2. Guys give the best bear hugs!!!

3. They might not tell you when to lose weight, but they'll make sure you enjoy every moment of that last bujji...

4. We might not be second dads, but we're still the BEST buddies...

5. Who said guys are not senti??? Real men do cry...

6. We fight, but we make it up over a drink ;)

7. Gossips aren't our game, we talk about gals :P

8. We might not be brothers either, but for us, water is way too thicker than blood!!!

Anyways... nice post though!!!

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Heheh! No guys, please do comment!
And Mnemonix, I do completely agree with you. I think I have more best guy friends than girls sometimes..but the post wasn't about who was better! It's just a tribute to girls! :D
And GUYS GOSSIP LIKE CRAZY!!! They just don't admit it.