Wednesday, October 22, 2008


October is probably my favourite month of the year, alongwith June (my birth month). Not just because of the delicious weather, which makes every dream seem plausible, but because most of my favourite people are born in October.
Let's see. Starting off with both my parents, Numbi Jim, My cousin 'Miguel' (after the character in one of my favourite animated movies of all time - 'The Road to El Dorado'), Tabi, Ach (a good old school friend whose birthday dinner was an occasion to meet after such a looonnng time!) and more. At last count, the total list added up to more than eleven people. By the way, here's wishing fellow blogger V a belated happy birthday! I'm so sorry I forgot. I hope you had a lovely day.
So, as you can imagine, it's a fun month. Lots of birthday get-togethers, gift shopping (I love gift shopping!), dinners, happy joy! But the best part about a birthday is that it is a day that's supposed to belong entirely to you. I don't know about some people but I think everyone likes to enjoy that one day of importance. A birth ANNIVERSARY.
However, as much as I was enjoying the celebrating, what I was really looking forward to was my Mum's birthday.Not that I'd planned much (lost the knack of making those millions of cards I used to make as a kid. ) but her best friend was taking us out to one of my favourite restaurants and I was all kicked.
Of course I had to fall really sick and couldn't eat anything besides a little bit of a starter and a brownie. Not that I could taste anything. Seriously, it was a sad situation. I had to keep myself comforted with cups and cups of Chinese tea.
In the midst of all of that, I was racing against time to complete a major major assignment due today. Didn't sleep the whole of last night. This flu really slows down the senses. It's a miracle I survived. I'm normally flat out if I have the slightest fever. But time I was really ill, coughing nonstop (now I have a baritone). Surprisingly (and thankfully!), I actually managed to finish the project. Despite the fact that it was pouring cats and dogs and COWS and a whole huge heap of bougainvillea fell on to the driveway of my house and I couldn't take the car out to get some stuff printed. So guess who was standing in the rain with flu, trying to flag down an auto? I never could've done it if my Mum hadn't stayed awake half the time and pushed me on when all I wanted was to keel over, under the influence of cough syrup.Thanks to her. God is truly great. But let's hope it doesn't get rejected. Cross fingers.
There's another big one due tomorrow. I'm surprisingly quite relaxed about this one. It's on two of my favourite topics: Indian films (okay, not films...MOVIES) and fashion.
So, let me get back to MS Word. And I'll see on the other side of the submissions, the flu and will report back to you on the rest of this beautiful month...

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~ V ~ said...

;) no worries.. i had a good time.. thank you for your wishes :) there is still next yr and probably more ;)