Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two of My Favourite Girls

Spent a blissful evening watching two of my favourite movies-Juno and Amelie. Both titles are names of girls and the lead characters, though strikingly different. Both are quirky and conflicted but so adorable. And I just LOVE them!

I started off with Juno, to lapse into the world of the I-don't-give-a-damn adolescent. She's so content with the way she is, without really being egoistic, if you notice it. I love that whole town and the way she bikes around. Happy fish in small pond, I feel. Not striving to be something that she's not. She wears boy's clothes. She doesn't think about whether she's a great guitarist and is going to make it big-she just plays. The dialogues are funny and witty, but it's Juno's whole character that makes them stand out. It could've fallen flat with any other actress. Ellen Page fits Juno to a T. And I love the way the movie crosses the four seasons.

I wanted Mum to watch it but she slept halfway. So I watched for a bit and then decided I needed some French magic. Over to Amelie.

Now, this is one movie that's been embedded in my subconscious since I watched it 6 odd years ago. She's also not striving to be anything. Amelie's just a waitress (in a gorgeous cosy little apartment that I would just crave) with eccentric colleagues, neighbours and a rather lonely past. What happens is a series of events that cause her to become a do-gooder. Thanks to that, we get a stunning visual treat as she shoots around town, sprinkling peoples' lives with magic. I can feel her glee as she sees people surprised and then delighted because of her setting things right in their lives. And of course, Audrey Tautou is one of my favourite actresses of all time.Jean Pierre Jeunet and her make a delightful director-actor duo (A Very Long Engagement is another of my favourites. I love his storytelling style.) Mathieu Kassovitz adds to the visual treat. He he. Their romance is just too cute.

But alas, the dvd got stuck. Maybe it was time for me to sleep. Fell asleep with magic in my heart and a smile upon my face.


Vimal said...

Happy fish in a small pond!!!!!! That's the phrase! that's le mot juste! thats what ive been looking for to describe myself in most of my happy childhood memories! thank you! I am going to use that, dont mind.

There's a movie called Leon. Its about a little girl. there are guns, explosions and people getting shot and dying in pools of blood all around, but its basically about this little, 13 year old girl. You might like

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Lol, you can use it. Thanks for appreciating it. Looks like you had a nice childhood.

Vimal said...

Yeah, it was like one of those early musical comedies where there are a billion characters and everyone knows everyone else and no one means any harm, no one is bad. And people would just break into song for no good reason at all...u see?

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Wow! Sounds like a Bollywood movie! :D What would you call the movie of your life?

Vimal said...

er... "Happy fish in a small pond", i guess...

(cant believe ive been "watching this spot"!)