Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby, farewell

If I'm less than sunny, don't mind me. That's just how it is in Estarra. I'm only happy when it rains, etc.
A diary is a diary for a reason. Don't worry. And on a happier note, I am practising to not expect and to live entirely in the moment and not hyperventilate about not getting printouts on time or submission at 1 pm. (Breeeaaathe eaaassy.)

Anyway, now I'm okay. Thoroughly thrilled myself at the stationery shop. I guess what shoes is to normal chicks, I get slack-jawed when I stand before shelves of envelopes, Cello ballpoints, folders, sharpeners, blank CDs and the rest. I probably wanted one measly stick file before I reached the venue. But when I get there, I'm like "Gimmmmmmmmeeeeee!"

Putting the final touches on my final project. The one that has undergone a million changes, a million opinions. The one that has made me cry. The one that has made me a zombie. The one whose umbilical cord I cut tomorrow when I hand it over to the department. It's a magazine and trust me, it is not as easy or as frivolous as the word sounds. It sums up my childhood fantasy (wherein 'Triple Moon', a weekly read was well, unread) and my obsession and collection of Vogue, Femina Girl, The Record, Elle, etc. Yes, it sounds shallow and materialistic. But I have had a lifelong affair with magazines and tomorrow I submit MY VERY OWN magazine.

Wish wish wish wish me luck. But at the end of the day, I'm sending it off into the universe on its own. Not gonna care about opinions anymore. NO SIREE.


Vimal said...

where can i get a copy???

blue_butterfly said...

i bet it's a work you're proud of handing over. if you do, then i'm pretty certain it will be graded well. good luck!

Mith said...


A collection of Vogue, Femina Girl, The Record, Elle, etc., you say?

Send me a copy. :)

Prez of Es said...

Ahahhahaa thank you, thank you. I hope my HOD's as enthusiastic. Submitted. Done. PHEW! Going out to celebrate tonight!
Ahhh the copy...erm...well I'm shy..heehehe lol

Vimal said...



O said...


u'llbe fine dear! and i know EXACTLY what you mean by the stationery thing. I get zapped everytime I'm in a stationery store. It's like a fairy toyland. And I just want to grab everything. Shopping for clothes and shoes is utterly boring in comparison to shopping for a new bright coloured folder with cloth strips hanging from the side :D

Prez of Es said...

@ Vimal: Yeah, to put it up where everyone can see. But I shall put up some articles, let's see. Three are borrowed from here anyway. Ha ha. 'Lemme think', 'Red Bucket' and 'Life in a jar'

@ O: Exactamente! All else pales in comparison to the joy at buying pens for me.

Vimal said...


and what are u doing at 2 am?!

Prez of Es said...

Wondering why on earth I'm making a presentation on Alternative Media for one of my friends when I'm sleepy, haven't begun studying for my 8.30 am exam tomorrow and am CRAVING THAT TANDOORI PLATTER!!!!!!!

Et vous?

blue_butterfly said...

there's another award waiting for you. come to my page and get it, ok?
your loved!!!