Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here and There and Everywhere

Got myself and Mum lost today on a mad drive on the road less travelled (atleast for my wheels) Got stalked by a creepy cycle rickshaw puller, got blurry pictures of Mount Road and got into a Go Karting place to take pretty (yet blurry) pictures of the Coovum. A faraway TV tower gave the whole place such a Parisian feel. Sigh. If I held my nose, I could've sworn I was in Paris.
Okay, okay, pardon my Aminjikarai-accustomed eyes. I'm craving another holiday. My entire class is caught up in the fever of culturals and other extra curriculars (a photography exhibition coming up, hence my feeble attempt at capturing Chennai's visuals) while I am wandering around from meal to meal, claiming no responsibility and no regrets whatsoever.
K has gone home for the weekend and perhaps that is why I am so lazy. He's always coaxing me into some entertainment. Without him, Mum and college, I'd probably marry my room. As much drama as our friendship adds to my life, I miss that nut. Oh god, I'm listening to our song! K, come back soon!
I finally got to see 'Rock On' and it was worth the hype. Arjun Rampal (YES I NOTICE THINGS OTHER THAN HIS LOOKS) has finally made his mark as an actor, with his natural portrayal of the subdued and suppressed guitarist Joe.
Now I want to see 'The Last Lear'. And 'Tahaan' too.
Anyway, where was I? Yes, meandering around. I feel so...expectant. As if I'm done with some great big thing behind me (well, if you really want to count MAD and the excursion) and as if I'm waiting for this great big jumbo jet that's going to swoop down and take me to where I belong.
Is it because of the lack of productivity? Hmmm, no I quite enjoy doing nothing. I could do it for the rest of my life. On second thoughts, NO! Perhaps a week more would be nice.
Is it because of the lack of socialisation? Hmmm, I doubt it. I'm in my self-sufficient phase. Sure, finding love is a childhood fantasy I've still to leave behind. But, honestly, I'm okay with myself.
This limbo isn't getting me down. But it's not getting me anywhere. I hope it passes. It's not a nice feeling to be asleep while you're alive.
But let's not end this post on such a dreary note! Let's dream of the Parisian Coovum...

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