Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is the life!

I'll admit it. I've been listening to Miley Cyrus. But I'm not alone! Two of my final year college girlfriends do too.
I used to scoff at them, but a couple of episodes down the line and I was sorta, well, hooked. Come on, she's funny. And cool. For a fifteen year old.
But that's not the point. I got one of her songs, 'Rockstar'. Catchy and cute. And what's the other one? 'Best of Both Worlds'. How she's a small town girl and also this rockstar with a great big limo, varied wardrobe, how it's such a cool life, etc.
Is it really?
I think it would be nice to be a musician (and good at it), perform onstage and express yourself through song. But if you can't? Then I'm happy the way I am.
I mean, I'm twenty years old. My achievements may be zilch compared to what Miley Cyrus has achieved, despite being 5 years younger than me. I may not look exactly like what I want to look like. But I'm not repulsive either. I live at home and have a long way to go before standing on my own two feet. But I'm happy this way!
I'm still in college. It's nice to be spoon-fed a little. It's nice to have assignments and presentations. It's nice to have the adolescent drama among my friends that is funny only at the school/college level. Beyond that, it gets adult and scary.
It's nice to wake up late. VERY IMPORTANT.
It's nice that the only social commitments I have are break-time trips to the new canteen (totally cool by the way. It doesn't feel like college. It's AC, it's bright, there's variety and it's CHEAP. Moreover, the proceeds go to charity. Can you beat that?). Of course, there are occasional compulsions to go clubbing (like tonight) when I'd rather be at home reading 'Nurjahan' ( I love Mughal history. But too many names. A little confusing) But that takes a little wheedling. Then I can get back to my room and under the covers with the book. (I am so much fun, no?)
It's nice to be whatever size I am and not expected to don the trendiest outfits or be shunned by fashion police. I can always wear my baggy clothes. (though I have to hide out in my room when guests come.)
It's nice that I'm not expected to have a ginormous vocal range and I can shout along to 'I want to break free' in my car (ignoring the stares and gestures of pedestrians and other drivers. Hello! Don't mind me! Concentrate on the road!)
And it's also nice to wait and watch and see who I turn out to be, rather than discover it at age ten! A little mystery is fun.

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