Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Estarra is a fictional character from the Saga of Seven Suns series of novels by Kevin J. Anderson.
Estarra was the fourth oldest child of the Father and Mother of Theroc and as such did not have a predetermined career like her three older siblings. She was considered a partial tomboy, but still presented wholesome female qualities. Estarra had no true idea of what she want to do with her life, and displayed a loving infatuation with the worldforest (yet had no desire to become a green priest) and the Theroc wildlife in general. She often loved showing her elder brother Beneto some of her more useful findings. Estarra considered herself responsible for Celli, despite the young girl's surly attitude, and was often the subject of teasing.
However, Estarra did achieve high status within the Terran Hanseatic League by marrying the King Peter. At first Estarra did not trust Peter, but in a very short time the two had found trustworthy allies in one another. For Peter, this meant someone he could trust in the trappings of Whisper Palace (he even confided in her about his former life), whilst for Estarra it gave her someone to love and protect her. Over time, their friendship turned into a genuine love for each other, yet the couple were never given a chance to relax due to the schemes of Chairman Wenscelas.
After several years together as King and Queen of the Hansa, Estarra accidentally became pregnant with Peter's child. This unwanted development infuriated Basil, who tried to get her to have an abortion. Instead, Peter sought help from Eldred Cain, and the news was leaked to the media; saving Estarra's baby. Over time, Basil tried more attempts to rid Estarra of her unborn child (and her own life). In retaliation, Peter and Estarra tried to poison the Chairman using highly-poisonous Theroc berries, but failed thanks to Sarein's interference. Finally having enough, Estarra and Peter (with the help of their compy, OX) fled Whisper Palace in a hydrogue derelict. During their escape, the couple encountered Beneto (merged with a verdani treeship) helping the EDF and Ildirans to fend off the hydrogues. Beneto assisted them further in their escape by hurling them far from the battlefield, and to safety.
Free of their imprisonment at Whisper Palace, Estarra and Peter travelled to Theroc for their own safety. Once there, the two were almost instantly dubbed the new Father and Mother of Theroc, from which they went on to announce the forming of a new Spiral Arm confederacy, free of the Hansa's corruption. "

Okay this is what Wikipedia says. And this is NOT why I named my blog so!!!
Just to clarify, the kingdom of Estarra is a fictional kingdom I sketched not so long ago(as a bored 9th standard student, in the back bench of Physics class). It is a kingdom ruled by a queen where peace, love, beauty and joy abound. Where the mountains, the sea and the plains form the terrain of a beautiful landscape. Where the folk speak a number of languages and live together in perfect harmony, etc, etc.
Well, I generally have this problem naming my poems, stories, so on and so forth (God knows what I'll do if I have kids! I'd be so indecisive!) and so I decided since a blog is your own space and all that, I might as well name it after something that I considered to be a kingdom in my own mind.
I assure you, I don't have any problems with reality. :)
But, you're welcome to share my kingdom.


Therefore I Am said...

Well, yes it is your own kingdom. So, no arguments there. We shall tread through your kingdom with nothing but the utmost respect :P And I gotta say you've put in a LOT about what the blog is NOT about. Very helpful

"God knows what I'll do if I have kids! I'd be so indecisive!"

Really? I think they'd be lucky to have you as their mom. Assuming your cooking improves, that is!

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Heheheh thanks feller..that's kind of you!
And I'd probably feed my kids popcorn and boiled water, btw.