Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peace, Love and Joy (as corny as it sounds)

I have been to quite a few local concerts in my teenage years ( now on the last few months of teenagehood now..sniff!) but last night was something quite unbelievable...
It was my first time at IIT's famed Saarang and much as I love popular Hindi and Tamil music, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy Lucky Ali and Karthik live in concert. The amphitheatre was jam packed and when Lucky Ali began singing, I began to wonder if 200 rupees was gonna be worth it (how many blank cds, how many veg rolls at the canteen, how let me stop before you accuse me of complete loserness)...I had no clue what the man was singing...and from what I could tell, there was just one person on my side of the theatre who was singing along (and everyone was staring at her in amazement).
So I sat tight and smiled at my friends, making conversation...Lucky Ali is a soulful performer and here and there, a familiar tune wafted past, reminding me of the nineties and how MTV was all new and Indi Pop was all original...
A smile grew upon my face. I looked around.There was something happening not just to my friends as we swayed to the music, but to everyone. Cellphones were slowly being lifted into the air, alight. People were standing up, holding their best friends, lovers, friends...and smiling. There was a sense of...something bigger than than anything I've ever felt. And as he moved on to 'Ek pal ka jeena', the last song of his session, the crowd jumped as a single force to its feet and inspite of a few technical glitches and the fact that he had to re start the old hit number did nothing to deter the audience's enthusiasm.
When Karthik finally came up onstage to perform (after a long wait) I felt something even stronger in the air.It wasn't just the young performer's energy nor the popularity of the songs he belted out. It was the feeling that anything in the world could be achieved, if we all just gathered together in that open air amphitheatre..gathered for music.It sounds crazy, it sounds like I'm wearing shocking pink glasses but if you were there and you witnessed that moment, you would know what I mean- everyone was ONE dancing, singing mass, delving into a common pool of love and joy.
Maybe this is the idea that inspires Bono and Bob Geldof with their Live Aid concerts.
Now if only we all liked the same music....and learnt to sing along...

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