Thursday, January 31, 2008


I need help.
I really do.
I have this tendency to waltz about the entire day, declining social invitations explaining that I am extremely sleep-deprived, whining about fatigue and refusing to budge, prone in front of the television set, immune to grumblings from the mother. Soon enough, I fall asleep by 20:45hrs....only to arise from the dead at the stroke of midnight.
"GO BACK TO BED!!!" yells the mother, also awake due to my midnightly crashing about in the dark.I stumble along the way, gathering varied reading and listening material that could possibly ease my soul back into slumber.
Sitting on the bathroom stool, I behold my copy of the Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopaedia( Aardvark to Antartica), I envision myself as a nocturnal genius-the knower of all there is to know. I smile to myself as I imagine the expansion of my mind as I explain Zen Buddhism and the migration of flamingos in the same breath to a rapt audience.
"Whiiiiiiiiiiinnnne" the only audience available here appears to be a troop of mosquitoes aiming for a landing in that un-scratchable area between my toes. I slam Funk and Wagnall's shut and storm out.
I tiptoe this time back into my room and fish out my walkman. Music, aahh, the saviour of my soul. Who cared about aardvarks when one could avail of the gentle melodies of Beethoven's Moonlight sonata? I could feel the sleep setting in already...Headphones on my ears, I crawl into bed...
...only to sit up bolt upright to the furious chord progressions of Rammstein hammering out 'Links 2,3,4'. How musical preferences vary according to the times of the day...!
I sigh and put away my walkman as I get out of bed. Perhaps it is food that I need...I saunter out into the stillness of the drawing room and towards the kitchen.
I find the light already on...
I help my father with the snacks and we head to the tv set. We watch inane jokes on a late night comedy show and crunch on soggy potato chips.
I needn't worry really. It's hereditary after all. :)

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