Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dance Baby Dance

Something's happening to me. I'm feeling so filmy it's not funny.

I jumped up on top of my bed and was dancing to 'Chhaiyya chhaiyya' this morning. And I want to dance some more, over exaggerated expressions and hands flailing.

Maybe this is my spccial talent-the ability to give myself into music and dance Bollywood style with the least trace of shame.

Does that count as a hobby? A hobby no one should be allowed to see and that cannot be put down on a resume?

Well, it makes me happy.

God bless Bollywood.

Next on the list: 'Banthan' from 'Kurukshetra'.


blue_butterfly said...

damn, i wish i can see you dancing. go, grab one of those flipper high heels( see my latest post) and i bet it will elicit more laughter - the like that hurts when you does.
iam laughing now just thinking about it....

Vimal said...

So, it only rains in spells in Estarra, eh? Wish it'd rain more often... :P

O said...

next tiem pretend u're dancing with hrithik roshan in front of the mirror. u'll be amazed at what happens :-p

Kingdom of Estarra said...

My imagination is not so great that I can visualise myself matching up to Hrithik Roshan. And in front of the mirror? The kicking and hopping and flailing will reduce even the imaginary Hrithik to uncontrollable hysteria.

kaushal said...

well- i just came upon your blog from mith's, and i must say- i too share the same hobby :D, if it qualifies as one though :D :D