Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writer's Block Talk

I am now getting some allergy to all kinds of paper. Seriously, this is probably just a manifestation of my laziness but it's happening and I can't seem to shake it off.

I mean, I just can't write anything worthwhile in some notebooks. I end up doodling abstract aliens or sketching cartoonified girls or writing song lyrics all over the pages. So I end up, taking a fresh page each time...only to fill it with more doodles. So not helping the environment.

There are some books I CAN write in. Unfortunately, those happen to be my journals. Which I cannot use for any other purpose.

So I wind up with stacks of half-used notebooks, which ultimately get used as scribbling paper for exam study sessions (I HAVE to write down the points as I 'study') There is no tragedy for a notebook greater than being used as a study scribble pad. I mean, class notes is good. But study scribbles? My deepest apologies to all the notebooks that have ended up thus. It was not intentional.

Well, I can't blame myself either. Maybe the vibe wasn't right. Maybe we just didn't gel. (Oh I feel a bad joke about ball points and gels coming along. SHUT UP. NOW.)

So the actual work I'm supposed to be doing? Not happening, seeing as I'm getting too accustomed to typing. (Maybe that's another excuse for not working because I don't get the computer often enough)

This is not good. I used to be the kid who loved the actual process of writing. I was addicted to it. I used to even fill up fee forms for classmates.

I don't think that's something that can die out so easily.


Vimal said...

Some of my most productive hours in college were spent doodling. I have preserved those notebooks in the hope that someday they will be auctioned for a million dollars at Sotheby's. Doodling is an art form, Estarra.

Try describing fewer and fewer things with more and more words. It is not as easy as it sounds. Do this till you reach a state where even with everything you have, you cannot explain anything.

Try it sometime. It is an exercise in rationality. It is sublime.

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Wow I hope it's as possible as it sounds intellectually rewarding.

Mith said...

I collect books. Empty books. Call it a fetish, if you will. I like to sit and stare at the empty pages and imagine all the wonderful things I will soon be writing in them, but not actually write in them. Is that weird?

And when I do doodle (hehee.. "do doodle"...aah, sigh, I kill myself), anyhoodle (I am on a roll here!), I always end up drawing eyes. Oh there are other stuff too...cartoons, lyrics, flowers, that "flames" thingy? (hehee), but it was mostly eyes. I don't know why. Is that weird?

Prez of Es said...

You too? Eyes with lots of mascara and blue and grey irises? Lol.