Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If life was a weekend

Would we appreciate those two days?
Would we dream of our bed all weeklong, clinging to our blankets in the mornings, refusing to open our eyes and cursing the sun?
Would we seek our friends thirstily and make a million plans and throng the theatres like we do?
Would we attack food with as much pleasure and abandonment and claim the TV for our own and growl if anyone steps in front of it?
Would we?
I doubt it.
Weekdays were made for us to appreciate the weekends.


blue_butterfly said...

Iam giving you a Lemonade Award, coz you deserve it. You can visit my blog and get it from there. Save the pic in your pc and post it in your blog and pass them on to other people.
To be able to post it in your sidebar, get its html with the use of photobucket.

Vimal said...

heyyy... look what i found!!

type "Request" in an sms and see what other words match the combination!

Im glad I didn't "request" Anna to do anything! LOL

Kingdom of Estarra said...

@ Blue Butterfly - Wow ! Thank you so much! That's really kind of you. :D :D my first award! Btw, I'm not able to comment on your blog...

@ Vimal: Ha ha ha!! There is pleasure in such nonsensical activities!