Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time for some whining

No fair.

I want to be Meg Cabot.

I mean, look at her! She churns out a book a month? And I'm sitting here scribbling some ratty confusing nonsense which I get tired of when it turns too autobiographical. She's so glamorous. The closest I get to being glamorous is leafing through Vogue, walking over to my closet and pulling out the same floppy yellow T-shirt (the one which has a picture of a baby chick followed by a picture of a magnet. Yup.) She gets to write stories about princesses and teenage girls and pop culture for a LIVING. She travels all over the place and people CRAVE for her books. A total of 4 people read my blog.

Like I said, no fair. I wanna be THAT.

Okayyy, maybe she was somewhere close to where I am when she was my age. Sigh. Maybe I'll get there someday. Till then, it's quite a relief to lose myself in Mia world . Waaaah, I miss my teens.

I really must quit whining.

Ooh, all you girls (and boys, if you happen to be interested), check out her blog.

Oh and another one of my favourite authors. I really want to create characters the way she does.

Oh wait, a total of THREE people read this blog.

I'm shutting up. Go read.


Amrita said...

Regularly that too...Maybe I should start commenting . Sorry! :(
My favorite post so far is the one about the red bucket.
I LOVE your music recommendations.
Actually I love your whole blog, so keep bringing on those wonderful posts! =)

Vimal said...

Make that five. I do, too.

Love ur blog! Get back here now, and write more!

BTW, do you have a twin sister?

Kingdom of Estarra said...

@ Vimal
(Chronic Thinker's profile comparing with mine)
Single - yes
Fun-loving - Fun is a relative term...
Funny - I hope
Sarcastic - unhealthily so
Short-tempered - yes
Lazy - very very
Bookworm- oh yes
TV buff - double yess as of now
Music lover - make that MANIAC
Hopeless Romantic - er, yeah,
Internet Addict - no not at all (that's why I'm so lazy to publish posts)
Chocolate-hater - EGADS! SIN!!
Blogger - yes
Dreamer - sure
Clueless about life - OH GOD, YES!
In Denial - erm..
Agnostic - no way
Impulsive - it depends
Drama Queen - sometimes
Slightly Insane - make that definitely not EXACTLY my twin!! And she's two years older than me. But omg, she does sound a lot like me! Does that mean I'm not one of a kind? :( :( :( SNIFF!!!
And thanks so much for the support and comments..I much appreciate it.

@Amrita- Thank you sooooooo much! The Red Bucket means a lot to me, personally. That picture's up on my wardrobe door. Please comment!

Vimal said...

Why do I feel ive introduced two long lost twins, each with one half of a medallion?

(and just WHY someone would not like chocolate is something I'll never be able to understand!)