Saturday, December 27, 2008

Alter egos/Secret talents I wish I possessed

1. Secret martial arts expert.
(Karate, kick boxing, whatever. Something cool with roundhouse kicks and rock-solid punches. The only martial art I learnt was 15 days of summer karate camp of which my most vivid memory is the 6-year-old boy who was probably the first ever official fan of M.S.Dhoni.)

2. Speed racer through mean streets
(Yes. Shh. Don't tell my mother)

3. Hip-Hop, break dancing superstar or atleast Vijay
(I've always been fascinated by people who are in complete control of their body. I don't even know what to do with my arms when I talk to someone.)

4. Bono singing 'Bad' at Live Aid, 1985
(Mannnnn...the power of that song. It just changed my life. Actually, I'd love to perform any U2 song. High as a kite is what I feel singing a U2 song)

5. Parkour expert
(The first dream I remember having is of a large green T-rex chasing me as I jumped from my roof to another. Being good at parkour would help if I come across a real-life situation such as that.)

6. Class clown
(Heehee. )

7. Basketball star!
(I have dreamed of playing this sport since the 5th standard and am still incapable of doing a lay-up, despite going to camp for two years continuously.)

8. Princess in a historical romance

9. A mermaid
(So I could swim with the whales and listen to their songs and not be so terrified yet obsessed with the deep as I am)


Mith said...

1 - check
2 - check
3 - Um, any dance will do. I have 4 left feet :(
4 - Chris Martin singing 'Fix you'...NOTHING beats that for me!
5 - Oooooh, check!
6 - check check!(but, sadly, till now it has always been for all the wrong reasons)
7 - No, not really.
8 - Check, if that's a fairytale romance!
9 - check...this way I'd be born with the knowledge of how to swim!

A couple of alter egos/talents I wish I had -

*Lara Croft (hot AND can kick ass)
*Photographic memory
*Ability to understand men(you gotta give me this one).

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Me becoming a parkour expert AND playing tag with a real life dinosaur is more possible than having the ability to understand men, Mith!