Monday, December 22, 2008

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

I wanted to talk about something. It was brilliant and enlightening and I conceived of it in those few nano seconds right before you drift off to sleep.

And of course that's where it went.

It's called something, right? That state of mind right before you sleep. Supposedly your creative channel opens up then and you welcome the universe's ideas.

Tricky thing, the channel. It willingly supplies you all those ideas, knowing that you won't remember all that stuff in the morning, try as you might. Or even if you happen to foresee its intentions and lay a notebook and pen by your pillow, you end up scrawling some unintelligible rubbish which you can't decipher or it just sounds way too ridiculous in the daylight.

Well, it's Christmas time. The cubicle which I mostly inhabit (when not wandering about to get circulation in my legs) has been decorated in red and green. Which brings to mind my childhood memories of Christmas, right from the tree to the presents under it and of course the stockings me and my best friend back then, Sandeep used to hang at the foot of the bed. Back then G.I Joes and Relish chocolates were topmost priority on our list.

Of course, the tree got planted outside my window and I think I caught my Mum wrapping the presents. I wasn't as disappointed for myself than for Sandeep. He believed my house was an urban legend for Santa Claus happen to land up only there. (My household has always celebrated the best of all religions)

As time went by, Sandeep drifted away. And my school girl friends and I began having Christmas parties (when we were going through our Disney Princess stage) replete with Bollywood-Kollywood dancing. (Now, that's something that hasn't really changed. The inability to resist a dhinchak song). We exchanged presents and cards and I'm sure we gobbled Mum's lovely cake. (For which I am still in repentance)

Somewhere before that, Christmas used to be visits to St.Thomas Mount (wayyy back when I wasn't the family driver and when my aunt and cousin used to visit). Now that's a beautiful place, as far as I can remember. I'll never be able to shake off the feeling when I gazed at the whole of Madras from the top of the mount. Madras was certainly the most beautiful place on earth.

In the last years of school, I sang along with a youth choir (Soprano, can you believe it? I only croak bass now). Carols by candlelight, choir uniforms, the whole works. Truly Christmasy. I loved being part of it.

Let me get back to trying to recall what it was that was swept away in the current of the Creative Channel (someone put a dam on it) and you have yourself a Merry Christmas!


Swetha said...

does this automan know u've taken his picture? our xmas parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Of course not! Otherwise he would've posed :)

Vimal said...

"Moments before sleep are when she feels most alive, leaping across fragments of the day, bringing each moment into the bed with her like a child with schoolbooks and pencils." I keep telling you, you shld read The English Patient! :)

Madras is still the most beautiful place on earth.

Mith said...

:D :D thank you!!!! and no no, i won't stop posting or commenting (cross my heart) :p .. :( am gonna miss you too (even tho we were reunited barely ten days ago) ;) :P

Meg's books are definitely therapeutic, going by the goofy grin on my face every time i finish one of her books (which reminds me - note to self : buy "airhead" and PD8...and has PD10 come out btw?)

Will post about what i bought soon (bwahahahahaha) that space!

Kingdom of Estarra said...

@Vimal : After seeing Cannanore (never been there, btw) in the monsoons, you STILL think Madras is the most beautiful place on earth? But yes, I certainly agree. And yes, I had better go search for a copy of the book SOOONNNN!!!

@Mith : PD10 is out in Jan or March. Have you read Jinx and the Mediator series?

~ V ~ said...

now a days i try to keep the recorder on my phone turned on, so that i can recollect what ever i think before my sleep :D hehehe how does that sound? ;)

Vimal said...

I have seen Cannanore and the Himalayas and I still think Madras is the most beautiful place on earth. (It's hot. It's humid. It's home...yes, I said that! :D )

Pleeeease watch the movie before you read the book. It somehow works better that way...

And look at Thelma and Louise make 10 days seem like 10 years! lol :D

Mith said...

read jinx, all-american girl, teen idol, avalon high...pretty much everything except big boned(didn't like it), mediator series and 1800 are they btw?

Kingdom of Estarra said...

@ V : I try to keep my phone as far as possible from me when I sleep cause I hate to keep waking up with the light flashing in my face! Glad it works for you.

@ Vimal : Who's in the movie?

@ Mith : Yes, yes read them...It's slightly different from her usual style. But if you love Edward Cullen, you will love Jesse. Well, atleast a bit. That's all I'm saying! :P

~ V ~ said...

turn the phone upside down :-p

Kingdom of Estarra said...

My sleep is extremely sacred to me and I am doing nothing that inhibits in any way! :D

Vimal said...

Ralph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Willem dafoe and Juliet Binoche (remember Chocolat????) in The English Patient. Geena davis and Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise. Which one did u ask for?

Kingdom of Estarra said...

I meant 'The English Patient'. :) Thanks anyway!