Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Resolutions

1. To find myself a hobby that distracts me when I'm down and to which I can fully absorb myself when I get cranky/lonely/low on self esteem. A hobby which is not dependent on other people (so this rules out reading Meg Cabot.) and which will remind me that there is more to my life than whatever it is that is bogging me down.
Something besides writing!
Video games? Self-styled workout sessions? Collecting bookmarks?

2. To go with the flow and not say no to any outing but while making sure it does not compromise on my SLEEP.

3. To be myself. Whatever that may be at that moment.

4. To enjoy my youth while it lasts without whining about missing being fourteen or hyperventilating at the thought of the time period after April '09.

5. To relax, let go and unwinnnnnnnnnd. I was not built for worrying and so I'm not going to let it enter my system. YES! And this is going to be the resolution I am going to HAVE to keep.


blue_butterfly said...

stumbled into your blog, and guess what?it keeps me reading through the other threads...

nice ones. and as added new years resolution:
" to continue writing as it attracts nosey people" like me, hahaha.

blue_butterfly said...

thanks for peeking into my page, and now i have become your follower.
yeah, reading other people's blog beat the boredom esp. when one ran out of things to say, hahaha.
Happy new year to you, cheers!

Vimal said...

Estarra, I have made my own new years resolution... for you. you'd better stick to it. WRITE as often as you can.

You have a die-hard fan in me! :)

(I keep reminding myself not to call you Estarra, cos its obviously the name of a place... maybe ill call u President of Estarra or something...)