Saturday, December 13, 2008

Memorieeeeeeeeeees (to be read with Barbra Streisand's quavering soprano in mind)

Ohhh wooohhh hoooooohhhh it is my last weekend of being empty-headed till I get to work on Monday and begin a two-month internship...So adieu to college for a while (don't worry, I spared you the senti-ness by sniffing melodramatically at random desks and blackboards and all the profs in my department).
I want to say a word I hate but which accurately sums up my state of mind:
College is almost over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This cannot beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, oh no, no, no.
So much has happened, so much has been learned.
Six semesters, 16 major subjects, five actual crushes, tons of salwar-kameezes, one id card, three five-subject notebooks, a hundred million games of Hangman, ten million lists of hot guys, top TV series and others (me and Butterfly, that was), one best friend, one bestest friend and eight adorable close ones, a zillion messages back and forth, a billion IMing sessions, four major fights and possibly one final goodbye, a hundred veg rolls and 200 cup o noodles, inconsolable tears which dried, hysterical laughter that caused tears, and not to forgot atleast 500, 000 pages in XEROX ..... the list cannot even begin to end.
Three years.
Whaaaaaaat mannnn.
This can't be it. There should've been a warning.
I'm going to stop listening to my father's old songs now and go watch Miss World to lighten my mood.


Mith said...

Sigh. Lucky pig you. You still have 2 more semesters to go. :(

I finished studies 4 months ago. Crushes, hangman, list of hot guys, top tv series, zillion msgs, major fights, final goodbyes, cup o noodles (i can't cook too) and last but certainly not least, a billion gazillion pages in XEROX (that's how we cleared engg btw)....been all there, done all that, bought all the t-shirts and other assorted souvenirs.

I miss my coll life!!! :'(

P.S - Nice to meet me! er...almost me! :D

P.P.S - I haven't read 8th book yet so i don't know what exactly happened between Mia and Michael...but JP! I like, i like! He's just sooo sweet!

Anonymous said...

something better must be lined up for u :) and as u said, this will remain as memoirs....

O said...

make that four readers of your blog :-)

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Thanks, V. I really needed to hear that. :)