Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This train don't stop here anymore

Oh I am soooo happy..happy happy happy! Thank you for all the comments, it really made my day (and that's saying a lot, considering the day I've had) and even though there are so many people I can talk to, orally, I mean, it's a real different high when you see these written down responses to your unmonitored rambling.
So, thank you!
Why was my day not so number one? Well, I think I'm in this permanent transition phase wherein I'm not dwelling in the past and I am waiting for this one little twist that'll help me paint myself a happy future. Where does that put me? On this permanent subway train where everything outside is a blur.
This is when you turn on the TV and lose your mind in 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'. This is when you go borrow this stack of Meg Cabot books and fall in love with a ghost (whom you imagine to look like Enrique Iglesias) This is when you vaguely realise that there's something slightly wrong with you-when you fall in love with a ghost who's also a CHARACTER IN A BOOK and would rather re read similar books than go to 10 D or wherever.
Talk about problems with reality.
Anyway, I'm not minding myself much. Let's see where this train stops. It can't just keep going, can it?
Oh it can?
Ho hum. Now where did I put my copy of 'Airhead'?


Mith said...

yes yes! i have it i have it! my half of the medallion! and girl, i'm commenting on ur blog while u r commenting on mine!! how cool is that! (altho others wud probably not use that word... :P)

This is getting a bit too much...i LOVE "whose line is it anyway" and if u tell me colin mochrie is ure fav, i-will-scream.

P.S - U've read airhead? how is it?? I can't wait to read it!

P.P.S - After reading your blog, i read "the little prince" - loved it! My favourite line has to be "One cannot see well except with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes" :D

Anonymous said...

looks like you are in a train like in the matrix ;) its just a matter of time when u will know when to get off it :)

Vimal said...

You know how sometimes When you try to type a word on the mobile phone with the sms-dictionary mode on, it comes up with some other word on its own for the same combination of keys? And if you've been looking at the keypad while typing, you won;t notice the mistake and send the sms anyway. I once msgd a girl called Anna.. I thought I said "Hi, Anna", but it turned out I had actually said "hi, bomb"...I'm not sure if she liked it..I havent heard from her since. Likewise, "Awake" and "cycle" .. imagine the embarrassment! We shld have a name for such words!!

I am guessing here, and correct me if I am wrong... this Numbi Jim person you talk about...does she call herself that because it is the "wastoobusytypingtolooknym" for munchkin?

It is, isnt it?!

I know! I am a genius! :D

Kingdom of Estarra said...

Are YOU my twin, as well??? HOW DID YOU KNOW??????

Kingdom of Estarra said...

heehee my friends and I used to say 'I'm cycle, I'm cycle' to indicate our state of consciousness! And Bomb?? Omg! That would've been SLIGHTLY embarrassing...